Hiking Handheld GPS Only the The Best Will Do

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Hiking Handheld gps


Do you enjoy hiking in the mountains, discovering new routes or perhaps finding out where you are at all times? If therefore, you are most likely a huge enthusiast of Hiking Handheld gps. Along with all the various choices readily available on the market, occasionally it’s difficult to locate the ideal one that matches your choices as well as budget plan.

hiking handheld gps

It’s a perplexing piece of technology as well as browsing though the specifications can help to make your mind spin. Therefore, exactly how do you know exactly what is the best Handheld gps? That’s exactly where we come in. Among our goals right here at The Adventure Junkies is making your entire life much easier the moment it concerns selecting hiking gear.


Hiking GPS


Hiking is an excellent sport for somebody who wishes to be in the outdoors, and experience a sense of complete liberty and complete satisfaction. It is an activity that needs all the precautionary procedures to be thought about prior to taking part. In the past, a person was accompanied by a local tracker on a treking journey. This tracker was familiar and skilled with the particular area.

These days, the GPS (global placing system) is replacing a few of the functions of the regional traveler. The GPS allows you to perform the trip on your own without the aid of another person. In order to determine which GPS would work for you, the GPS should be analyzed even more.



The handheld GPS reveals you where you are, and reveals you the path you are following and what routes are possible. If you are taking a trip in a location that hasn’t been drawn up yet, you would have to set up the map into your GPS before your treking journey.

When you purchase a GPS system for hiking you have to take into account the conditions you will be in. Unlike a GPS system in vehicles or planes or sea vehicles, you will be holding it throughout the whole trip. You need to likewise consider exactly what type of hiker you are, whether you are a severe hiker, or simply a person who goes out on the weekends.

The main point to remember is that you need a system which is more practical and has the most in-depth mapping abilities in the location you are going to hike. Things like size, color, or shape are not as needed, make sure you consider what you need.

These days, the GPS (global placing system) is replacing some of the functions of the regional trekker. When you purchase a Hiking Handheld gps you need to take into account the conditions you will be in. Unlike a GPS system in airplanes or automobiles or sea vehicles, you will be holding it throughout the whole journey.

Things To Consider To Find The Best Handheld gps for hiking

Buttons or Touchscreen?

Touchscreens run quicker due to the fact that you don’t have to scroll thru options. The drawback is they utilize much more battery compared to buttoned models, can easily freeze up in cold weather conditions, as well as really don’t function as well with thick gloves.

Buttoned models endure a lot longer, operate in across the board temperature levels, can be utilized by using thick gloves plus are far more dependable. The disadvantage is they are sluggish to react compared to touchscreen units as well as it takes longer to enter waypoints.


Just like any type of piece of equipment you utilize when it comes to hiking, being lightweight is critical. Certainly there are numerous compact models available yet if screen size is a problem for you, you may have to opt for a much larger one.


Screen size is essential for having the ability to accurately read the map. For touchscreen designs, it is much easier to utilize them by using a large screen. The noticeable drawback to a bigger screen is actually these kinds of models weigh a lot more and also are actually cumbersome.

Battery Life

You do not really want to be out in the mountains furthermore discover your GPS just died shortly after a couple of hrs of hiking. A minimum required of 15 hrs of battery life is highly recommended.

It’s a huge benefit if the product can have chargeable AA or AAA batteries, since you can bring a replacement pack with you. A few types include a dual battery system, which in turn provides you the choice of making use of the rechargeable lithium-ion pack or even conventional AA batteries.

Built-in Memory

store data internally and/or on a microSD card. This particular memory is employed to store map data, waypoints, routes also, in several models, also audio, pictures as well as video. Additional memory allows receivers store additional data.

Hiking Handheld gps Construction

Because of the unpleasant weather condition you can certainly experience while in the outdoors, the best handheld gps units ought to be waterproof, shockproof as well as robust.