Get the Perfect Protective, Attractive, and Exclusive Phone Case

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 Second Generation family of Protective phone cases. The best in shockproof cases for mobile phones on the market. These phone case are a perfect example of what it really means to combine years of experience, wisdom & passion into creating the perfect brand that supplies all our consumer’s needs. Only the highest quality mobile accessories on the market, and are proud to offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service

Military Grade Cover for Samsung Galaxy On5 G550 12 ft. Military Grade Drop Tested+Glass Screen Protector – £16.44

ION Case for HTC Desire 530, Military Grade Drop Tested + Tempered Glass Screen Protector – £9.09


Phone cases are engineered for adventure. With a these case, you won’t have to compromise your mobile and rigorous lifestyle. These are designed to be rugged, yet lightweight military grade products that surpass your expectations. Cases are made to disperse impact force evenly with shockproof technology.

Zizo Proton 2.0 Case for Apple iPhone X – Military Grade w/ Tempered Glass Screen Protector – £11.82 £19.03

Elite Series Case for LG X Charge Slim Fit Case + Magnetic Kickstand + Tempered Glass – LG X Power 2 LV7£12.79

Protective phone cases

If you own a smartphone, then you should definitely pick up a protective phone case for it! Even modern gorilla glass will get damaged if you drop your phone screen first, or drop something onto the screen. The rear cases are easily cracked, chipped or damaged as well – modern phones are getting slimmer, and that means that they’re just that little bit easier to break – and you could be out of pocket hundreds of dollars should your phone die on you.

Protective phone cases

Protective phone cases come in a range of styles and designs. The rugged ‘life proof’ cases are a great option for a lot of people – they feature chunky padding, and they’re thick enough to serve as a suit of armor for your phone. They’re expensive, compared to a $10 plastic case, but they will protect your phone in a much more efficient way.

If you don’t want something quite so chunky, then there are other rubber  phone cases  available, and plastic ones with a large lip that will keep things off your screen. Some protective phone cases come with a plastic screen protector as well, which will serve as an impact buffer and stop most chips or cracks.

Not all phone cases qualify as ‘protective’ – don’t assume that a wallet-style phone case with thin clips will protect your $600 smartphone. Many of those cases have weak clasps and may fall open, and if your phone lands screen down it could well end up breaking. Look for a case that will clip around the whole of the phone and stay in place, and that is thick enough to absorb impacts. Gel cases can do a good job of this while still offering your phone a relatively modest, slim profile, making them a cost-effective investment.