Review of 1 Personal Cooking System

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1 Personal Cooking System

Personal Cooking System

When you are packing out into the wilderness, regardless of whether you are hunting, hiking or taking part in any other activity, it’s good to have a few things with you that will make your life a little bit more pleasant. One of those options is a personal cooking system, sometimes referred to as a jet boil cooking system. This type of system can boil water very quickly and when you choose the right one for your needs, it can handle a number of other cooking features as well. That is the case with theĀ Personal Cooking System from Fire Maple Star.

Like many other jet boil cooking systems, this device does a very good job of boiling water quickly. From the time that you put the water in and fire it up, you can expect to have water boiling within 2 or three minutes, which isn’t too bad when you are packing something with you into the woods. Like many other jet boil cooking systems, the Fire Maple Star 1 personal cooking system does a good job of going together quickly and taking care of this necessary task.

One of the features that I really appreciated about thisĀ  cooking system was the fact that it provided all of the benefits of some of the more expensive jet boil systems but it did so at a price that was about $100 less expensive. The device itself is relatively stable and you can easily attach it to the cooking base or detach the upper part and use it as a cook stove for a frying pan or even a percolator coffeepot.

The handle of this particular cooking system was something that I appreciated perhaps more than anything else. It locked in place, regardless of whether it was open or closed so you didn’t have to worry about it coming open in your pack. When you were using it for heating up water, it was stable so you didn’t have to worry about it spilling. Everything fit neatly into the larger container so it was easy to fit into my backpack.

You have a number of options available when it comes to personal cooking systems but this is one that you should certainly consider. It provides you with the durability, affordability, and options that are necessary to have a warm meal when you are out in the woods.