Rock Climbing is a Sport that is Both Fun and Exciting

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Rock Climbing is Both Fun and Exciting

Rock Climbing is a sport that is both fun and exciting. It gives your body an excellent workout and if you’re looking for something more thrilling than lifting weights at the gym, it might be the activity for you.

It’s a sport that helps you to keep focused and to experience life moment by moment, intuitively finding your way to the top. It is both challenging and rewarding, but what a feeling when you get to the top!

It’s a good idea to start off by taking classes before you’re going out on the mountain. It takes a bit of practice to become a skilled climber. I recommend starting with indoor climbing.

Rock climbing wall

Rock Climbing indoor

It’s important to have safety knowledge about the equipment you are using. You will learn about the right knots to use, your harness, how to work with a partner and communication signals. This will make your climbing experience enjoyable and safe.

In the beginning you probably want to rent the gear you are using from the indoor climbing facility. Be sure you get good quality gear including: comfortable climbing shoes with solid soles, a modern harness, a chalk bag and helmet. When you have practiced for a while and you feel that climbing is for you, then you can get your own  climbing equipment.

After your instructor teaches you the fundamentals, you can start out by doing some climbing on moderately steep walls. You will learn how your body can be used most efficiently to maximize your strength and power, and bit by bit you can master more advanced walls. Before getting out on the mountain, make sure you have taken the time to get to know the techniques and master them.

Another useful tip is to use your legs more than your arms. Your legs have much more strength and this will help to conserve your energy.

Around the world there are no shortage of rocks to climb, ranging from those easily conquered to ones that challenge even the most experienced Rock Climbing

Climbing is a great sport for those who like to travel and want to see the world. It is also a great way to meet others that have similar interests.

Climbing is an extraordinary sport that you wont get bored of. It’s very exciting and there is a great variety of challenges waiting for you. Even when you have developed the skill levels of a professional, there will always be new techniques to learn.