What Are The Best Water Shoes For Hiking?

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So What Are The Best Water Shoes For Hiking

Best Water Shoes For Hiking

If you anticipate that your hiking excursion will involve crossing over water or wading then it is essential that you invest in a pair of the best water shoes for hiking you have to find which are suitable for extended walking.

These shoes should be constructed of appropriate materials to ensure that they drain and dry quickly and do not absorb water. This will ensure that your feet remain comfortable and prevent the buildup of yeast and bacteria which can have long term health implications.

When looking for the water shoes for hiking the outdoor enthusiast will be faced with the question of which material type is better – synthetic or natural. In fact some of the best types and brands of water shoes use of combination of these materials in order to achieve high levels of comfort and functionality.

There is of course the entirely synthetic option. These water shoes can be extremely lightweight and offer superior breathability.

Another consideration is comfort. For many years water shoes were a trade off between functionality and comfort. That is no longer the case. New design methods and materials mean that the best water shoes  are today comparable with traditional hiking boots in terms of both comfort and functionality – including the superior traction that they offer.

Best Water Shoes For Hiking

With the above in mind which are some of the manufacturers and top models of water shoes that are suitable for hiking?

1. Teva.

Teva manufactures the ‘Men’s Evo Outdoor’ Water Shoe. Made from synthetic materials this shoe scored highly on feedback from consumers in part due to exceptional comfort, light weight and high levels of traction supplied by a rubber outsole.


2. Adidas.

Well known sports shoe designer Adidas seems to have come up with a winning formula with the design of its ‘Outdoor Men’s ClimacoolJawpaw’ slip on water shoe. Designed with a combination of textile and synthetic material it’s tough and should provide many miles of enjoyment when hiking. A rubber sole also provides great grip. It also comes with a ‘stretchable’ heel insert to ensure that the shoe suits every user in terms of fit.

3. Oberm.

The Oberm ‘Womens and Mens Quick Drying Slip On’ range of water shoes boasts striking design – but it’s not all about looks. The rugged synthetic based design means it can stand the knocks of hiking with ease. Innovative design elements include breathable air mess uppers and gaps in the sole ensure that these shoes drain quickly for added comfort. They also offer exceptional value for money.

If you are looking for the best water shoes for hiking you do not have to break the bank. There is an enormous choice. Be aware that these shoes are probably not suitable for extended hiking use. However, if you will be covering under 5 miles on your hike and you anticipate water – there’s water shoe out there for you.